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DISKUS has become the solution for many applications according to experts' requirements in medicine, biologie, quality control, pharmaceutical industry and criminology.

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  • Live images in full quality
  • Support of digital live cameras with high resolution
  • Ports analog or FireWire (TM)
  • Correcting sharpness and white balance
  • Comparing images, measuring and marking
  • Printing images in photographic quality
  • Import and export of image files
  • Generating HTML files
  • Recording experiments on CD, DVD
  • Transferring images per email
  • Creating MS PowerPoint (TM) presentations and Word files

Information about DISKUS (570 kB pdf)


q fossil

The program FOSSIL has been developed to measure maceral and normally vitrinite reflectance and performe maceral analysis.

FOSSIL and MACERAL: short information

New technique for reflectance measurement and maceral counting by Gerd Bieg in ICCP News No34 March 2005 (580 kB pdf)

New development of the"Hilgers" instrument for reflectance and maceral analysis by Carl Hilgers in ICCP News No36 Nov 2005 page 33 (120 kB pdf)


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