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DISKUS allows you to use up to four different work groups that have their own folders and configuration of DISKUS. To create a new work group please follow these steps.

1. Duplicate the configuration files

The configurations files are located in the folder c:\programme\diskus32\config

  • Work groups are numbered from 1 to 16 : x (x=1...16). The extension of the configuration files is the workgroup. (An exeption is the file mikro.n where n is the microscope and camera configuration)
  • Duplicate the following files and rename their extension to .2 for the second work group:
  • workgrp.x
  • intern.x
  • printer.x
  • printkop.x

2. Define the folders for the work group

  • Open the new created file workgrp.2 or any other workgrp.x
  • Look for the section [Diskus]


    "Name" the name assigned here is written on the button when you choose the groups.
    "Userid" is the name of the directory where to save images
    "Supervisor=0" is for a normal group, with "Supervisor=1" you define a group from where it is possible to access all other group directories.

3. Adapt

In the file workgrp.x define the name and Address for html export under the section: [HTML]

In the file printkop.x you can define a letter head for each work group.

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