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The human eye is sensitive for light between 400nm and 700nm. Silicon CCD sensors have an good response to red and the near infrared wavelengths

Eye sensitivity
Spectral sensitivity of the human eye
from 400nm to 700 nm
CCD sensitivity Spectral sensitivity of the silicon CCD
up to the infrared region
IR Filter

To obtain true colour results cameras block the IR response with an IR blocking filter.

These IR blocking filters are:

  • Lambda correction filter
  • BG38 Schott filter

When you study fluorescences in the red or near infrared wavelengths the responds gets better when the IR blocking filter is disassembled. To take "normal" images it is then necessary to place the IR blocking filter in the optical path of the microscope.

Please don't hesitate to ask us, we disassemble the IR blocking filter from your camera and provide you with the adequate filter for your microscope.

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