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If you focus the image in the microscope but the image on screen does not show the same sharpness, a diopter adjustable eyepiece (ocular) could be the reason.

Oculars with dioper adjustment have a marker that shows the zero position as a number or an engraved ring:


Ocular with numbers

Leica ocular

This ocular with the engraved ring
is not in the zero position

  • Choose the microscope objektive 5x or 10x.
  • Set the microscope diopter adjustments at the zero position.
  • Use the focus knob of the microscope to focus the image on screen.
  • Do not touch the focus knob for adjusting the oculars:
  1. Focus the specimen through the left eyepiece and adjust the left diopter adjustment to correct the focus.
  2. Now focus the specimen through the right eyepiece and adjust only the right diopter adjustment.
  • Repeat the procedure if your screen image is not as sharp as the view in the microscope.

q A higher brightness enhances the quality of the image

The brightness in the microscope's lamp determines the colour temperature and has a great influence on the image quality.

The human eye determines an image as convenient then it has a light yellow colour and the voltage of the lamp is low. The image taken with the camera shows this colour cast. The camera fails to make a suitable white balance because the red colour is too high and the blue part is too low.

When the voltage of the lamp is higher, the red and blue parts of the light are balanced. The camera can easily separate the colours and produces a sharper image.

This image is too bright for the human eyes, therefore we recommend to set the voltage of the lamp at 9 Volt and insert a neutral or grey filter (N4 or N16).

When you have changed the voltage or inserted a filter please activate the white balance in the camera.


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