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Where are Image Directories ?

DISKUS needs at least one main directory that is normaly created on an extra hard disk or patition: for example d:\Diskus.bil\. This main directory may be different for each work group and is therefore defined in the work group definition file (workgrp.1 to workgrp.4).

In the file c:\programme\diskus32\config\workgrp.x (x 0 1 to 4) there is a definition like the following:


Name_0=Festplatte d:
Name_1=Festplatte c:
Path_1=c:\diskus.bil z

name of the hard disk
path of the main directory
We recommend to use another main directory on drive c: in the case of having problems with drive d:.

Directories stored in the main directory are image directories where the images are stored. Each image directory has a file named name.vol. It includes the name of the image directory and information about how to present the images.

Backup Data and System Files

For backup save the main directrories x:\Diskus.bil to CD. The DISKUS database is in the directory: x:\diskus.bas\ (x is the hard disk c: oder d:)

DISKUS Configuration Files are in c:\programme\diskus32\config. These are the files that control DISKUS and should be saved, too.

Configuration files are:

  • diskus.ini - defines framegrabber, workgroups, input and output media
  • kamera.ini - camera definition
  • scanner.ini - stores parameters for a specimen scanner
  • spektrum.ini - stores parameters to measure spectra.
  • mikro.z - stories up to 8 (z=1 to 8) mikroskope and camera configurations

Definition for up to 4 work groups: (x =1 to 4)

  • workgrp.x - defines a workgroup and it main directories and allowed functions
  • database.x - defines fields of the DISKUS database
  • extern.x - stores connections for HTML export, RAS and e-mail configuration
  • intern.x - stores intern connections archive, CD directory, server's address
  • mail.x - contains a list of e-mail addresses
  • printer.x - defines the print formats
  • printkop.x - defines the letter head for printing

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