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FOSSIL is a software for reflectance measurement and maceral analysis.

Fossil System

FOSSIL with the motorised microscope

Leica DM LA / DM 4000 / DM 6000

Software module FOSSIL

  • Semi automated measurements of coal reflectance are possible.
  • Note that the software DISKUS is a necessary requirement to run FOSSIL

Software module MACERAL

  • The maceral analysis is an addition to FOSSIL

Motorized microscope Leica DMLA / DM 4000 / DM 6000

  • The microscope is equiped with a Smith beam splitter.
  • The limiters for the field diaphram and the illumination aperture are adjustable.
  • The nosepiece and the scanning stage are motorized.

Basler A102F

  • The monochrome, digital camera has a high resolution of 1300 x 1024 pixels.
  • CCD images sensor (Sony) with linear transfer technology
  • The internal processing is done with 10 bit , external 8 bit are transferred.
  • Image data ist transferred by FireWire that makes live images in full resolution with 15 fps (frames/sec) possible.

The camera has excellent characteristics for measuring.

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