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The software is adapted to the microscopes Leica DM LA and Leica DM 4000/ DM 6000.

  • Motorised stage and nosepiece
  • Illumination with a conventional halogen lamp (100 W)
  • Incident illumination: Smith beam splitter ( 2 x 22,5 °)
  • Leica objective: oil 50x 0,85 oil P (Leica No. 11556023)
  • Interference filter 546 nm, 30nm hw

A microscope at hand can be used, when it has a stabilised halogen lamp (100W) and incident light illumination.

FOSSIL with the motorised microscope
Leica DM LA

FOSSIL supports Leica and
Merzhäuser scanning stages.
dm4000 FOSSIL with the motorised microscope
Leica DM 4000M

Reproducible microscopy with Leica DM 4000 / DM 6000

DISKUS controls the conditions of the microscope which allows the programm to performed series of measurements under identical optical conditions:

  • A motorised reflector disk can be used with up to 4 cubes, for example Smith beam splitter (2 x 22,5 °) and 45° beam splitter.
  • At the aperture diaphragm level, there is a motorised disk with openings of various sizes. These aperture openings vary from 5% to 100%. Because of the disk the switching between aperture openings is fast and reproducible.
  • At the field diaphragm level, there is a motorised disk with circular and rectangle field diaphragms of various sizes.
  • The position of the nosepiece is known to the program so that the correct objective lens is monitored during measurements.
  • The lamp intensity can be set to 20 different steps.
  • All microscope setting are shown on the LC display.

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