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FOSSIL is a software for the measurement of maceral (normally vitrinite) reflectance with a digital camera.


The digital camera shows the live image on the screen in high resolution.

Measurements can be carried out at any position of the displayed image.

In connection with a scanning stage, FOSSIL performs a semi automated method of analysis.

Free choice of the measuring position

  • Customary devices require a measurement at a fixed point, and they provide no feedback about the real position. FOSSIL in contrast, due to the fact that the complete image range is calibrated, allows the user to choose the point of measurement with the mouse pointer at any position of the displayed image.
  • In FOSSIL the cursor provides a precise reference of measurement. Moreover, when an image is saved during measuring, the measured area and size is marked in the image.
  • Because the measurements are carried out on the screen, there is no need for eyepiece viewing, allowing the user therefore, to maintain a physically relaxed operating position which makes FOSSIL less strenuous to operate.

Changing of the measure area

  • In FOSSIL, the size of the measure area can be chosen from 3x3 pixels up to 15x15 pixels.
  • A larger area of measurement leads to lower noise and higher resolution. With a small area of measurement it is easier to position the measure point in inhomogeneous samples.
  • 1 pixel equates with 0,204 µm (while using an objective of 50x and an adapter with 0,63x). An area of measurement of 5x5 pixels corresponds to 1 µm²

Measurement details

  • On the right side there is a list with analyzed samples.
  • Measurement details and results of the selected sample are shown in the middle of the screen.
  • Please click on the image to enlarge it.



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