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  • Background information: Where are the images stored? Which files and directories are to be saved?
  • Edit objectives: Add a new objective, adapt the grid, ...
  • Check colour balance : Adjust the white balance and the contrast of a projector or monitor, and check the color balance of the printer.
  • Removable devices: Define the path to devices as DVD, MO, ZIP, and CompactFlash.
  • Work groups: Create or change work groups.
  • Viewer configuration: A viewer does not have a live image, therefore you can define an image that is shown when it starts.


  • Microscope: If the camera has another focus than your view through the eyepieces, check the adjustment of the diopter. To set the lamp voltage to a higher value might enhance the image quality.
  • Red fluorescence: Enhance the red flourecence by removing the IR blocking filter.



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